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These are the most important partners with whom our company cooperates.

- Annual contract
for machine-locksmith works.

- Overhaul activities every year in all organizational units of "HIP Petrohemija". The most important are:
- Rehabilitation of the furnace in the Ethylene factory
- Rehabilitation of pipelines in several production plants.
- Disassembly and assembly of the Cyclone in the Ethylene Factory
- Production and installation of heat exchanger headers in the Ethylene factory.
- Replacement of 20 "pipelines for activated sludge in the Water Treatment Plant.
- Engagement of locksmiths and welders for the needs of overhaul activities of the Machine Service.
- Hiring machinery (cranes, forklifts and trucks) during the overhaul.

2019-2021. years:

Participation in the project "Main gas pipeline through Serbia" "From the border of Bulgaria to the border of Hungary"
- Construction and installation of block stations on the gas pipeline.
-Participation in the construction of the compressor station in Velika Plana.

2015: -Making of Lines for Carbon and Acid Torch (24 "and 36")
-Development of process lines as well as high pressure lines for heat exchangers
-Gas treatment works, installation of vessels and connection of equipment.
2015-2021. years: - Annual maintenance in RNP iRNS for NIS Naftagas Technical Services. 2019: -Replacement of tube snakes convective zone of the furnace BA-2401 (S-2440)
-Alkylation of the S-2600 series of turnkey repair activities
2021: -Works on Desalter FA-2150 (S-2100)
-Production and installation of pipelines (hydrogen line, water vapor line),
-Participation in the steam pipeline optimization project,
2021: -Rehabilitation of the distillation column T-4 in the Elemir Gas Refinery

During 2013, "DM-MONT POLAND" in cooperation with the Italian company "SICILSALDO.SPA" ( was engaged in the project LNG GAZOPORT SWINOUJSCIE, CRYOGEN GAS REFINERY, where we are very successful and in a short time the project work:
-Installation and assembly of over 700 tons of manufactured pipelines (material: steel and stainless steel);
-Installation of boilers and reactors.

During 2015 and 2016 in cooperation with the Slovenian company "KOTA Doo Petrovče" ( we were engaged in the project "
-Installation of refrigeration equipment in the slaughterhouse ARIANT 4 - Chelyabinsk. We realized the job very successfully on time.
-Installation of stationary and rotary equipment.
-Factory and installation of process pipeline
- Commissioning of the plant.

-Participation in the construction and provision of mechanization services:
cranes, trucks and forklifts.
-TETO Pancevo
-ZIJIN Rakita Bor
-LINGLONG Zrenjanin

- Sunoko Pecinci
2010: Revitalization of boilers and pipeline

- Sunoko Vrbas
2011: Boiler Revitalization 20MW

2010-2014. years: Boiler overhaul in the following thermal power plants:
- Т.Е. Kostolac
- Т.Е. Drmno

Ongoing mechanical maintenance of the plant

Heating plant "ZAPAD" Novi Sad
- Construction and installation of a new heating pipeline.